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Husband, father, and consultant who dabs mostly in Microsoft technologies. Loves tennis – both watching and playing.

Installing SQL Servers

This one’s a short post. It’s more of a ‘what I do’ from my experience in rquiring, installing, and running simultaneous versions of Sql Servers on my laptop/desktop. If you don’t get organized from the very beginning (the first installation of SQL Server), it can get a bit hairy as time goes by. Here’s what…

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MSMQ Performance Considerations

Code: Click here for accompanying code This post assumes you know the basics – how to install MSMQ, create queues, setup appropriate security measures, and how to enqueue and dequeue messages using Microsoft .NET [via the System.Messaging namespace APIs]. If you haven’t used .NET APIs against MSMQ, the accompanying C# code should help jumpstart your efforts.…

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